Business Phone Answering Service: Voice Messaging

Cloud PBX telephony allows for the setting up of an internet business phone answering service offering wide ranging, professional sounding recorded messages. This gives your company legitimacy in the corporate environment. Through their partnerships with recording companies, they can tailor messages and greetings to specific clients, products, departments, promotions, personnel and more. A variety of ready made and template scripts and suggestions are available to serve as a starting point for ideas on how to customize your messages.

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A wide selection of voice types are available. Audio production enhancements such as background music, sound effects and electronic voice manipulation are offered. You can -in effect- design a professionally produced audio environment for any customer or segment of your market you choose. In addition, recordings can be made in a variety of languages including Spanish, French and Italian. For English speaking customers from other countries, voice talent can be used from the UK, Australia and Canada, for example. This is invaluable for creating a comfortable, welcoming image for your business.

One common way in which this functionality is used is to design recorded messages to play during customer hold times. This is an excellent way to promote aspects of your business or to offer your callers more information about your services.

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