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Name Directories

Business name directories allow your callers to reach your employees directly in a professional manner. With an internet business phone system, your employees do not -of course- have to be located in your workplace or in any particular location, for that matter. Calls are redirected and forwarded to any device used by the worker and at any location.

Directories can be configured to be easily searchable by first or last name. This is all done through easy to use interfaces also accessible on any device. This means that the actual number of physical business phone numbers required is a minimum.

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Department Extensions

An internet business phone system efficiently offers an unlimited number of possible extensions to a main number. This allows you to assign these to any department at any time. It means, you can create virtual departments on the fly and assign whichever personnel you wish to these regardless of their location or device.

A virtual receptionist can be created for each of these giving your departments and business a professional image and allowing a centralized application through which all of these can be managed.

Cloud PBX Phone Name & Department Directories: Free Trial!

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