Business Text Messaging Services: Free Trial!

Cloud based Internet Business Phone Systems allow you to send professional looking SMS Text messages easily. These can contain your company logo or letterhead or be formatted in a formal manner that best represents your company. There is added capacity and functionality for business text messaging here. This includes:

  • Using a single designated business phone number for all voice, fax, text, and multimedia messages. For business text messaging, simply follow the phone prompts into the texting application which seamlessly takes over the process.
  • With RingCentral, you are able to send and receive text messages with up to 1,000 characters to and from extensions or 10-digit local numbers.
  • The adaptability of the system means you can send and receive texts from the full range of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches.
  • You are able to Send and receive videos, images and other multimedia files and the system allows you to view previews inline.

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Cloud PBX System – Business Texting: Free Trial!

Note that international business text messaging functionality is not generally available.

Best Business Text Messaging Services

RingCentral Business SMS Texting

Business SMS and MMS benefits:

  • Allows you to send unlimited texts.
  • You can use your one business number for text, voice, fax and multimedia messages.
  • Send and receive text messages of up to 1,000 characters in length to and from any RingCentral extension or provided 10-digit local number.
  • Send text messages to your clients, coworkers and department groups. They, in turn, can respnd by Business SMS, MMS, or their own native SMS.
  • Send and receive multimedia files such as videos and images. See previews inline.

Business Text messaging works on your mobile devices and desktops.

  • Text efficiently across tablets, smartphones, and the RingCentral Phone™ desktop app.
  • Number blocking allows you to eliminate unwanted calls and create a spam blacklist.
  • Get push and email notifications of new incoming messages.
  • You can make a call, engage in a conference, or go to a website simply by tapping received phone numbers and URLs that are from your text messages.
  • Become part of a conference call simply by tapping a text message invitation; you do not need a participant access code.
Business Text Messaging from RingCentral Business Text Messaging Service

Founded as a company in 2007. is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and is one of the world’s most user-friendly self-service cloud communications platforms for small business. It is one of the business text messaging services that lets you send and receive messages on any local number on its cloud based system.
Each extension in your account is able to send and receive SMS messages.

You can send an SMS to any US cell phone number directly from within your account.
SMS Messages sent to your number can be received and and observed in your account inbox. SMS messages you forward will be displayed on your cell phone similar to any normal SMS.

Business Text Messaging from

Grasshopper Business Text Messaging

Grasshopper – A popular company located in Needham, Massachusetts, Grasshopper was founded in 2003 with a particular focus on small business customers. This business text messaging service, lets you conveniently send and receive text messages on your Grasshopper provided business phone number rather than on your own personal number.

This allows you to give quick updates to customers, confirm your business appointments, and reply back with the same official, recognizable number you take business calls on. Use business SMS to immediately reply to any first time caller. Business text messaging services from Grasshopper are free when you sign up!

What are the benefits of business texting?

  • Give your company another communication channel that many customers prefer.
  • Easily and discreetly respond to missed calls when you’re in meeting or otherwise engaged or busy.
  • Ensure your clients have appointment times confirmed in writing with quick text confirmations.
  • Communicate visually with your clients and colleagues using business MMS picture messages.
  • Take business calls on on device (e.g., your phone while typing out text replies on another device, e.g., your desktop with the Grasshopper apps.
  • Business text messaging is free on your virtual phone number when you sign up for a free trial.
  • Follow up with clients quickly by giving your full team access to texting.
Grasshopper Business Text Messaging Service