Cloud PBX Audio & Video Conference Calling: Free Trial!

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Conference calling services are an extremely powerful tool which allow your business to eliminate travel and logistical costs and to save time by eliminating travel and mailing expenses in many cases.

RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Office offer you respectively video and audio conferencing options without the need for expensive hardware or wiring configurations.

Audio Conferencing

With this cloud service, callers can call in from any outside phone to join in the audio conference. You are given a dedicated central line into which all participants are connected by audio. The dedicated line is able to host multiple conference calls. So different employees in your company are able to set up distinct conferences -via dedicated host codes- such that there is no interferance with any other conferences simultaneously being held.

Audio Conference Calling Service: Free Trial!

Conference Calling via Local & International Numbers

You can create conferences with up to 1,000 participants each. There is no limit to the number of such conferences you can create. A particularly powerful benefit is that you are able to offer local dial-in numbers from anywhere in North America and throughout the world in from 50 to 80 different countries, depending on the service level you choose.

Device & Hosting Options

PBX Audio conference calls can be across multiple devices including your cell phone, desk phone, computer or tablet. As the host, you have a wide ranging number of ways to invite attendees: via email sms text or phone. Your invitations give your callers easy directions for joining into the conference.

Internet Business Video Conference Calling

The RingCentral Meetings service offers your business instant virtual meetings with powerful enhancements across multiple devices. The video functionality allows the sharing of a wide range of date including files, presentations, applications and whiteboards from your smart devices. This means that you can share videos, powerpoint presentations, documents and data through screensharing and splitscreen functions. Additionally, you can record and store your meetings for your records or for future referencing.

Meetings can be adaptable in real-time, so you can have new attendees join in. These can include your clients and users from outside lines, not only those internal to the RingCentral service. Video conferences allow you to hold meetings, training programs, presentations and more while eliminating the cost of travel and schedule aligning.

The universality of the technology means you do not need any customized or dedicated hardware or expertise to set these up. That expense is also eliminated since the service allows operability across your standard mobile, computer and deskphone devices.

Video Conference Call Services: Free Trial!

Conference Calling Even When You Travel

Set up or join a video conference even while you are in transit or traveling: at an airport, in a hotel, in your car, even on vacation or at home. RingCentral’s wireless business phone system incorporates Safe Driving Mode with iPhone┬«, iPad, and Android devices, so you can use it safely in your car. When traveling, you can save on international phone charges with local dial-in numbers available in over 40 countries.

Note: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with some companies mentioned on this site. We may earn compensation from the companies mentioned here.

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