Company Phone System: Best Service Providers!

The best company phone system service providers offer packages with a vast array of functionalities at affordable prices. This is because they are remotely hosted on the cloud, transmitting data via WiFi and thereby eliminating the cost of the old hardware infrastructures common to services from just a decade ago.

Integrated phone, video conferencing, and messaging all centralized through a common interface and portal.
Team messaging and collaboration with files, tasks, text and so much more
Video conferencing with HD video and screen sharing. Different package tiers offer different maximum numbers of allowable participants.
Cloud based phone system with more than 50 advanced technical features
Proprietary Apps
Each service comes with an associated app that is a one-stop utility to perform all functions needed with the service.
Customer Service
Customer engagement utilities allow your team to interact with your customers effectively and efficiently.
Contact Center
Collaborative contact center allows you to engage with solutions professionals to help you with technical and other issues that may arise.

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Cost Advantage of Company Phone System Services

Normally and in previous eras, managing VoIP telephony for an office or other workplace would require significant hardware and technical support personnel. Using a virtual phone line system that operates on the cloud lowers costs significantly because it is remotely hosted – over just a wireless Internet connection. So the service is provided without the need for physical phones. All one may need at their particular station is a headset. All the functionalities of physical phones are achieved using installed software.

3 Best Company Phone System Providers

A number of specialized company phone system providers are offering customizable virtual phone bundles at very affordable prices. Below are three of the best reviewed of these. The evaluation is based on examining a combination of available technical features, ease of utilization, cost and customer service:

1) RingCentral Business Phone System

Ringcentral Internet business phone system
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RingCentral – The world’s market share leader -in both revenue and number of subscribers- for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). RingCentral’s packages begin with the Essentials tier priced at $19.95 monthly. The company offers a complete cloud phone system that’s easy to setup, use, and manage.

A Video Introduction to RingCentral Office:

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2) Internet Phone Service Internet business phone service
From $9.99 Monthly – Was founded in 2007. The company is based in Newark, New Jersey and is one of the foremost self-service cloud communications platforms for business worldwide. The company offers a remote, unified communication solution for small businesses. It prides itself in providing the most comprehensive suite of modern telephony features for the lowest price found anywhere.

A Video of the System’s Main Features:’s Affordable Business VoIP Phone Service bundles begin at only $9.99 a Month!

3) Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone Provider

Grasshopper Internet Business Phone
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Grasshopper – Centered on small businesses including one-man operations. The company is located in Needham, Massachusetts. Grasshopper was founded in 2003 . Its price packages are, on average, the most expensive of the three. It starts at $26 (for its standard package) for 1 number, which comes with 3 extensions. It is billed annually. Also on offer is Grasshopper Connect, priced at $35 monthly.

A Video Review of the Grasshopper Business Phone Service

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Hosted Virtual Business Phone Service Bundles on Offer

View our breakdown of the Business Phone Plan Cost of each of the above providers’ bundles.

Advantages of Small Business Phone System Bundles

The potential advantages of hosted virtual telephony are clear at the present time when so many employers are having their workers work form home and remotely, for health and other reasons. These advantages include, but are not limited to:

1) Enhanced office functions: Online meetings, conference calling, video interactions, instant messaging, can all be seamlessly integrated.

2) Integration of all devices: Land line phones, cell phones, PC’s and tablets can all be integrated, creating great versatility, convenience and mobility.

3) Remotely managed features: such as custom greetings, on-hold music and line navigation instructions give a professional appearance to the company.

4) Low Cost: Traditional equipment associated with an office based system: wires, switchboards and other hardware are all eliminated. With Cloud hosted PBX, phones for the system come preconfigured.

5) An effectively unlimited number of business phone lines over the Internet: New exchanges can always be added to a main number as required.

Are you a small business? See our selections for Internet Business Phone Services for Small Business bundles. Get detailed information and reviews and awards information from industry authorities.

Additional Information:

What is a Company Phone System?

A VoIP company phone system will let you replace your normal landline phone with one that uses the internet for communication. Your normal landline is connected -via the jacks at your location- over what is known as the Public Switched Telephone Network, known for short as a PSTN, which is a private network. However, with a cloud based system, it is your DSL modem or cable that connects your phone via WiFi. To do this, the service provider makes use of a device known as a telephony adapter. This tool converts electrical pulses form your telephone into IP units that are sent over the Internet.

This structure offers a number of advantages:

  • Low Pricing – The average broadband service for home starts in price at around $6 monthly. Many Small Business Phone Solutions providers will also give you the option of bundling discounts for phone service with additional internet or Cable TV plans.
  • Advanced Technical Features – There are a slew of features available with phone service bundles. Standard capabilities include Caller ID and Call Waiting, Call Forwarding to a mobile phone, Caller ID on your TV, telemarketing blocking, voicemail transcription and more.
  • Competitive Pricing on International Calling – This makes a big difference if you regularly call overseas, for example. International prices for standard land line phone plans are exorbitant. With internet based plans, pricing -particularly to areas such as European countries is available at rates of a few pennies per minute.

There is however one clear disadvantage to IP based plans. Because the system is based on devices running on your standard electrical grid, your modem for example, you are vulnerable to power outages. If the power goes out, so does your phone system.

How do I setup a Small Business Company Phone System?

A Quickstart Guide for RingCentral Office
Setting up the RingCentral company phone system is fast and simple. With a few simple steps you will be up and running with fax, SMS, call capabilities, and more.

Step 1) Activate Your Service Account.

Click the activation link in your welcome E-mail and go through the set up Wizard. From here, you create your new password and choose an appropriate security question and answer. The Express Setup wizard then prompts you to enter your Company info, e999 service location, Time Zone, User and Extension info.

Company Phone System

Add call queue groups and set members and associated extensions. Next, set up Auto-Receptionist and call handling. Select a custom greeting of your choice.

From here, you can opt to download the RingCentral Softphone application. This allows you to control your calls directly from your computing device. You have the ability, form here to answer, screen and transfer calls or else direct them to your voicemail box straight from your computer.

Next, get the RingCentral Mobile App and download it to your phone. You can then easily access the service from anywhere.

Step 2) Set Up Your Internet Phones.

First, attach your handset to your phone base using the coiled cord provided (if applicable).

If you are not using Power Over Ethernet, or POE, connect your phone to the A/C adapter device.

Plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN port on your phone. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router or Internet jack in the wall.

If you don’t have a router or available Internet jack, connect the LAN port on your IP phone to your PC. This is applicable for 2-port phones only.

Step 3) Lastly, Customize Your Internet Phone System.

As a Primary user, account owners, or Administrator, you can now set up and alter the settings of the system. You can also assign users and extensions. These users can change and customize their voicemail greetings and call handling protocols for their particular extensions. You can updating settings simply by point-click-and-type. The system offers you several handy short video tutorials to help you set up step by step.

This graphic, for example, below shows you how to edit your personal information on the system.

Company Phone System Personal Information

The RingCentral Office Phone System for Small Business can be set up and activated and made operational in really just a few minutes! Of course, the highly trained customer support team is ready to help you at any point in the setup process.