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Toll-free 800 numbers give your business a virtual national presence to enhance your company’s image. However, conversely, there are sometimes great benefits to having a virtual local presence as well. For businesses with a very local, regional clientele it may be advantageous to get local phone numbers recognizable as being of the area that is being served. Local franchises, small biz departments, culturally relevant services, for example can obtain a number with an area code local to serviced region. RingCentral Office has over 200 local area codes on offer. This number can be displayed as the calling number on customer devices with caller-id.

Advantages of Local Phone Numbers

Your designated number works for all your communications, including voice, faxing and texting. The answering and routing system means that your customers calls are always answered regardless of whether or not you are taking a call at the time. Set-up is easy, with an intuitive guide that walks you through the process as you initially set up your account. The cloud based internet business phone system also allows you to respond immediately from any device including your computer.

You can obtain a local number regardless of whether or not your actual physical address is in the desired area. You can also opt for as many local numbers as you wish.

View all available options at RingCentral. Get Local Phone Numbers Here. You can quickly sign up for a free trial!

Note: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with some companies mentioned on this site. We may earn compensation from the companies mentioned here.

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