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Internet Business Phone System services offer a wide range of toll free numbers for business. These are usually offered in bundles based on a total number of minutes per bundle.

800 Numbers
800 numbers are available even now, as well as numbers from the other toll free exchanges such as 888, 877, 866, 855, and the newly created 844. Additionally offered are:

Vanity Numbers
These offer obvious promotional advantage. A number such as 1-877-HAT-SALE gives potential customers a neat, easy to remember identifier to connect with you. Internet business phone systems allow you to get toll free numbers by easily searching within a database to find available vanity numbers.

Promotion Relevant Vanity Numbers
An example of the versatility of the system is that you can assign a specific toll free number for a specific campaign you are running, over a limited period of time. So customers can be continually made aware of promotions you are running via phone numbers you assign.

Transferal of Numbers through other Providers
If you already have a toll free number you would like to keep, it is easily transferred into your package. Conversely, if you obtain a number and wish to keep it once you end the service, you can have your new provider port the number into the system.

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