International and Local Phone Numbers: Free Trial!

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A selection of PBX based Internet Business Phone System providers allow you to obtain numbers local to other states and even internationally.

Local Phone Numbers

Having a number from a state your company may not be physically in gives you the image of a local presence and enhances your profile within that community. Both Grasshopper and RingCentral offer hundreds of local exchanges. The services give you the ability to have calls to these numbers routed to your toll-free number or to any phone you choose. RingCentral’s service expands this capacity worldwide, allowing companies to have a virtual international presence.

RingCentral Local Phone Numbers: Free Trial!

A Primary Number for all Services

Another powerful business tool offered by cloud based business phone systems is the ability to have customers access all services via one central number. This allows you to present a unique toll-free or local phone number (on your website, for example) and then have recorded voice instructions to switch callers to various departments. These calls are routed by the company to any device that is part of the network you’ve linked to the service. So this may be private cell phones, tablets, PC’s, etc. The variety of capabilities in this vein includes fax, text, voicemail and more. So from one local or toll-free number, a customer can access all branches of your company and do so with what seems to them to be a local presence. This is all managed without additional hardware, adding to cost savings.

Since devices other than phones are part of the network, voicemails can be forwarded transcribed to text. You receive it via email and have the option of listening to the audio file or reading the transcribed message in the body of the message.

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