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A cloud hosted suite of services to organize, customize and consolidate your office communications into a simplified platform. An Internet Business Phone service offers affordable, technically adaptable and easily managed integrated communications for your company.

What is an Internet Business Phone Service?

An internet business phone system, is a telephony technology offering a wireless setup which allows workers to send and receive data, calls and information from anywhere using a variety of devices: tablet, laptop or mobile phone. This makes, expensive hardware and maintenance needless. Because of this, it offers great versatility.

Internet Business Phone Service Providers:

Note: We have advertiser and affiliate relationships with some companies mentioned on this site. We may earn compensation from the companies mentioned here.

The phone system providers use cloud based technology over WiFi to remotely manipulate the networking, configuration and switching of the communications setup, this means that significant potential expenses for the client are needless. It also greatly minimizes the amount of hardware necessary for full functionality.

Who Offers Internet Business Phone Services?

Normally, configuring standard telephony for a workplace would require significant hardware and technical support personnel. However, with a cloud based virtual communications configuration, costs drastically diminish since all one needs are the physical phones and a router to set up the system. With a number of systems even physical phones are unnecessary. Their function is duplicated by software. The only physical items needed (besides a computing device) are headphones.

A number of specialized companies are offering customizable internet business phone servicepackages at bargain prices:

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Hosted Virtual Phone Services on Offer

Advantages of Hosted Systems to Small Business

For both small and larger sized companies, the potential advantages of hosted virtual telephony are numerous:

1) Remotely managed features. These include custom greetings, on-hold music and line navigation instructions give a professional appearance to the company.

2) Low Cost: The standard hardware equipment associated with an office based system: wires, switchboards and other hardware are all eliminated. With Cloud hosted services, phones for the system come preconfigured.

3) An effectively limitless number of possible lines: New exchanges can always be added to a main number when required.

4) Integration of all devices: Cell phones, land line phones, PC’s and tablets can all be combined. This offers great versatility, convenience and mobility.

5) Enhanced workplace functions: Online meetings, texting, conference calling, faxing, video interactions can all be seamlessly integrated.

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