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An industry leading brand based in Belmont California, Ringcentral has experienced a rise to become a top choice for office telephony solutions in the world. It is one of the most popular phone system services for businesses of all sizes. Sometimes referred to by consumers as RingCenter, The company recently won IHS Markit’s UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) Internet Business Phone System Scorecard for a third year consecutively. The report emphasizes that RingCentral won the evaluation by a large margin. What is more, Ringcentral has won numerous awards including Aragon Research’s 2018 Innovation Award.

RingCentral’s system packages begin with its Essentials tier at $19.95 monthly. This price is per user, with up to 20 users possible. The package offers:
– unlimited number of phone calls within the United States and Canada;
– 100 toll-free minutes monthly.
– toll-free and local numbers available.
– Voicemail-to-text and many more fieatures.

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Modern office telephone services offer technology anchored in a VoIP. Wireless applications and software eliminate the need for a much hardware that -in previous eras- was necessary in the corporate sphere. As such, providers can offer low priced packages with many functionalities as well as the ability to customize these for specific needs. Business phone deal packages start at as low a price as $12.99 monthly per user for lower tier packages. A free trial is also on offer!

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RingCentral Business Phone System

RingCentral sets the standard and is is the worldwide industry leader -in terms of total revenue and size of subscriber base- in Unified Communications as a Service (Ucaas). It offers a large number of features integrated into a number of tiered packages. These are priced per user per month. RingCentral’s pricing begins with the Essentials tier for $19.95. This tier allows up to 20 users. Included services are: Voicemail-to-text ; unlimited phone calls within the United States and Canada; 100 toll-free minutes per month; toll-free or local numbers; team text messaging and collaboration as well as other services. Higher priced tiers with significantly more functionalities are available if desired. The Ultimate Package, for example, includes unlimited phone calls within the United States and Canada, audio meetings and video conferencing (with up to as many as 200 people possible for any meeting); unlimited internet fax; voicemail to text; automatic call recording; 10,000 toll-free minutes each month; toll-free or local numbers and more.

RingCenter is RingCentral business phone

Premium priced packages do offer significantly more

RingCentral Small Business Office Phone System

One intuitive, easily configured platform for voice, video meetings, team messaging and collaboration, and contact center.

From click-to-dial functionality to one-click video conferencing, all your employees can readily accesses the same must-have digital tools through a single, easy-to-use platform that seamlessly works across office sites, laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Setup, deployment, and adoption is also easy and IT can manage it all from anywhere.

Ringcentral office phone system for small business
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Increase productivity on a global scale by bringing your international teams together with ease.

Expanding beyond borders is no longer a headache. You can easily activate international numbers instantly in over 80 countries. You can even add more whenever you need them. Local numbers are provided, free global extension-to-extension dialing, and free inbound calling. The company also offers a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to assist with implementation, along with 24/7 support. This is a seamless service with the efficiency and convenience of having one comprehensive solution across all markets.

RingCentral – The world’s market share leader -in both revenue and number of subscribers- for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). RingCentral’s available tiers begin with the Essentials package priced at $19.95 monthly.

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Is RingCenter the Same as RingCentral?

Note that RingCenter is actually correctly named RingCentral. The names are often confused one with the other. As demonstrated above, small business phone system prices do not have to be a significant percentage of your business expenditure. Virtual hosting and wireless architecture allows for easily obtainable, cheap services for all business types. For more technical information, go to our main Internet Business Phone System introductory page.

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