Small Business Phone Deal: Best Prices!

Contemporary office telephone services offer technology anchored on a VoIP architecture. Wireless applications and software eliminate the need for a great amount of the hardware that -in previous eras- was necessary for the corporate world. This means that providers can offer low priced packages with a great number of functionalities as well as the ability to customize these for every need. You can obtain small business phone deal packages which start at as low a price as $12.99 monthly per user for lower tier packages. Several providers also offer free trials!

Getting an efficient, robust, reliable and low priced company phone system for your business is now remarkably easy because so much is done remotely. Beyond a computing device (which may be a laptop, desktop, tablet or even a mobile phone) and the associated necessary wired connectivity that may come with those, the only other hardware really needed are headphones. Physical phones are, in most settings, unnecessary. Software applications such as Bria replicate the functionality of a standard telephone right on your computing device. So businesses of all sizes are able to benefit form these wireless, cloud based systems.

Cheap Business Phone Line: 3 Top Providers

We are offering you the services of three of the most respected and best reviewed providers below. They are RingCentral, and Grasshopper. We selected these based on a number of criteria, including: number and variety of services available; small business phone sys pricing; ease of integration and use; versatility and functionality across various computing devices; customization options; overall industry reputation of the company; customer service and user reviews.

Deciding which company best suites your business model will require a careful look at the various packages on offer. Grasshopper is distinct from the other two in that it is essentially a provider that converts your cell phone into a business phone system. So even a one person company can present the image of a well established professional organization.

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RingCentral Business Phone Line

RingCentral – This is the worldwide industry leader -in terms of total revenue and size of subscriber base- in the field of Unified Communications as a Service (Ucaas). It offers a large number of telephony services integrated across a number of tiered packages which are priced per user per month. RingCentral’s small business phone deal pricing begins with the Essentials tier for $19.95. This tier allows up to 20 users. Included services are: Voicemail-to-text ; unlimited phone calls within the United States and Canada; 100 toll-free minutes per month; toll-free or local numbers; team text messaging and collaboration as well as other services. This service provider does offer higher priced tiers with significantly more functionalities if needed. The Ultimate Package, for example, includes unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada, audio meetings and video conferencing (with up to 200 people possible per meeting); unlimited internet fax; automatic call recording; voicemail to text; toll-free or local number; 10,000 toll-free minutes each month and more.

RingCentral small business phone deal Cheap Business Phone System – Founded in 2007 and based in Newark, New Jersey, this company is one of the most dominant cloud based business telephony service providers in the US. It’s package pricing is not merely affordable, but clearly cheap when compared to its competitors. The Base package costs $12.99 per user per month: a bargain! But it gets better. If you prepay for a full year, your effective monthly rate comes to an astonishingly low price of $9.99. There are limits to available limits, indicated in the chart below, but it is still packed with services including: 300 monthly minutes; 1 Local or Toll-Free Number; 5,000 SMS Messages; unlimited user extensions; more than 40 Standard Features Voicemail to Email, including Call Queuing, and more! Over and above these: everyone of’s packages include the following: Call Queuing, HD Conferencing; Voicemail to Email; Call Routing; SMS / Texting; Call Screening; Call Blocking; Fax to Email; Dial-by-Name Directory; Auto Attendant; Schedules; Hold Music; International Dialing; Follow me; Address Book; Account Management. small business phone deal Plan Tiers

Grasshopper Small Biz Phone System Price

Grasshopper – This is, in many ways, the Little Company the Could. Founded and headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, Grasshopper has been in business since 2003. It’s service is rather distinct form similar companies and -particularly- the other two providers featured here. Grasshopper does not offer a traditional business phone system service. What they do is essentially convert your cell phone (and those of your co-workers) into business system phones all integrated together into a corporate seeming structure through seamless software integration via its app. Grasshopper’s average package price is higher than the other two companies. It is still ca cheap price,by any standard, starting at $26 per month for 1 number. So even a one-man solopreneur can utilize this service. The Solo package comes with 3 extensions. All of Grasshopper’s packages include: Incoming Call Control, VoIP plus WiFi Calling, Simultaneous Call Handling, Business Phone Number, Virtual Fax, Extensions, Business Texting, Call Forwarding, Custom Greetings, Voicemail, Mobile + Desktop Apps, Read Your Voicemail, Reporting, Call Transfers and more. A free trial is also available.

Grasshopper small business phone deal

Looking for an affordable business phone line for your company? As demonstrated above, small business phone system prices do not have to be a significant percentage of your business expenditure. Virtual hosting and wireless architecture allows for easily obtainable, cheap services for all business types. For more technical information, go to our main Internet Business Phone System introductory page.

Explore RingCentral’s Phone System for Small Business. Free Trial!’s Small Business Phone Service , Prices start as low as $9.99 per Month!

Grasshopper also offers Internet Phone Service for Small Businesses. Free Trial Offered!