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The initial impression your company makes on a caller is key. Virtual receptionist services give your company the image of a large, established organization. A Cloud hosted Internet business phone system offers wide adaptability and allows you to present a highly professional face to your customers.

The navigation and direction offered by your virtual receptionist at this point is key and a good system must be able to route callers not only to appropriate employees, but also to the proper departments, directories, answers to questions, messaging systems and more. This is all customizable. You can upload your own audio files through your account manager, or you can walk through the setup program and design your greetings from scratch, including using a number of pre-designed templates.

If a more distinct welcoming greeting is required, use the voice sudio service to have it created. This allows for customized recordings by professional sound recording studios who have voice talent available as well as music and effects producing capability.

RingCentral is a low cost business phone service provider and its virtual receptionist services allow broad customization including having your greeting be recorded in a variety of languages. You can therefore switch callers to the required language at the very start of their call, through prompts. Additionally, your callers never receive a busy signal, because the phone system assigns one of many available virtual lines to each call. Because your departments, directories and service areas are all virtual, calls can actually be routed to any phone anywhere. The receiver could be anywhere in the country or -in the case of RingCentral’s services- indeed in the world. Furthermore calls can be forwarded to an extension, an outside line, or directly to voicemail.

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