Voice over Internet Phone: Service Providers for Small Business!

A cloud VoIP hosted fully integrated solution to organize and simplify your office communications telephony. A Voice over Internet Phone Service offers affordable, highly adaptable, versatile and easily maintained communications for your business.

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What is Voice over Internet Phone?

A cloud based internet business phone system, is a telephony technology linked wireless to the internet. This allows users to send and receive data, information and calls from any location through their tablet, laptop, cell phone or other computing device. In this way, expensive hardware and maintenance is unnecessary. This means that low pricing is available along with great versatility.

Voice over Internet Phone Service:

VoIP business phone sys providers use hosted cloud based technology over the Internet. They remotely handle all of the the switching, configuration and networking of the communications setup. So significant potential onsite costs for the client are eliminated.

Best Voice over Internet Phone Providers

Previously, managing VoIP technology for a workplace would have to utilize a good amount of hardware and would necessitate technical support personnel. With a virtual phone line system costs are lowered greatly because it is remotely hosted over WiFi. The best VoIP services offer this without the need even for physical phones. All that may be needed is a headset. The functions of physical phones are simulated through integrated software.

3 Best Internet Business Phone System Providers

There are major companies now offering customizable VoIP phone bundles at bargain prices. We have selected below three of the best reviewed of these, based on a combination of the technical features offered, ease of utilization and integration, price and customer service:

1) RingCentral Voice over Internet Phone

Ringcentral Voice over Internet Phone
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RingCentral – Is the worldwide market leader -condiering both revenue and number of subscribers- for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). RingCentral’s bundles begin with the Essentials package priced at $19.95 per user per month. The company offers a complete voice over internet phone system that is easy to setup, use, and maintain. Integrating and configuring takes only minutes. You are provided with a dedicated on-boarding specialist who makes sure that installation is done properly and there is also pre-installed and configured telephony in the software that quickly connects to your existing WiFi. Your office workers, remote staff, as well as even your IT and various support teams will all have at their fingertips the same digital tools required to manage workplace communications through one single platform — anytime, anywhere, on any computing device.

A Video Introduction to RingCentral VoIP for Small Business:

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2) Phone.com Internet Phone Service

Phone.com Voice over Internet Phone service
From $9.99 Monthly

Phone.com – Established in 2007, the company is based in Newark, New Jersey and is one of the most notable self-service hosted communications platforms for small business internationally. The company offers a voice over internet phone service for small businesses. It prides itself in being a provider with the most comprehensive suite of modern phone technology features for the lowest price found anywhere.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur running your own one-person business, a small business trying to modernize your outdated phone system or a large company seeking a more affordable multi-line phone solution for your workplace the company has suitable bundles for you. This allows you to have your employees at one single location (such as an office) or distributed anywhere in the world working remotely online. This virtual internet phone line system works in a similar manner in all cases. You and your employees will always feel connected, with one other as well as with your clients.

A Video of the Phone.com System’s Main Features:

Phone.com’s Affordable Business VoIP Phone Service bundles begin at only $9.99 a Month!

3) Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone for Small Business

Grasshopper Voice over Internet Phone Service Provider
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Grasshopper – Is geared towards small businesses including one-man operations. Based in Needham, Massachusetts, Grasshopper was founded in 2003 . Its bundle tiers are the priciest of the three. They starts at $26 (for its Standard package) for 1 number. This bundle offers 3 extensions. It is billed annually. Also available is Grasshopper Connect, offered at $35 monthly.

The Grasshopper app is available for iOS and Android. You can order Toll Free, Vanity and Local numbers. You can also port your current virtual number into the system! So you can immediately link your existing mobile phone number to start calling right after installation. Obtain a business phone number which comes with all of the features and benefits of a robust phone line system. You don’t have to to pay extra for additional devices. This means that, your personal number always stays private. It also let’s you know when a business call is coming through. Both apps provide you a second phone number. So integrated into all this is a full virtual phone line system! You get texts, inbound fax, calls, custom greetings, extensions, etc.). Available is a higher priced bundle: Grasshopper Connect, which is a unified messaging platform. It combines calls, emails and from each of your contacts into a single conversation. This enhances organization.

A Video Review of the Grasshopper Voice over Internet Phone for Small Business

Grasshopper: Add a Business Line to your Personal Phone, so you can Work from Anywhere, even on the go. Free Trial!

Hosted Voice over Internet Phone System Benefits

  • Regional & Local Phone Numbers – For companies with a regional or local clientele it can be an advantage to have local phone numbers that can be recognized as being local to the area that the company is serving. Local franchises, culturally relevant services, small biz departments, etc. may prefer a number with an area code local to their particular area.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services – The first impression that a company makes on a customer is essential. Virtual receptionist services give your company the image of a large, established organization. A voice over internet phone provider offers wide adaptability and allows you to present a highly professional face to your clientele.
  • Business Phone Answering & Voice Messaging – This allows you to set up of a phone answering service offering a large selection of professional sounding recorded messages. Your business presents an air of legitimacy in the corporate world. Through their partnerships with recording companies, both Phone.com and RingCentral can customize messages and greetings to specific clients, personnel, products, promotions, departments and more. A number of ready made and template scripts are available to give you a starting point for ideas on how to customize your company messages.
  • Regional & Local Phone Numbers – For companies with a regional or local clientele it can be very beneficial to have local phone numbers that are recognizable as being local to the area that the company is serving. Local franchises, culturally relevant services, small business departments, for example may find area code local to their particular area more appealing.
  • Business Directory Listings – Growing business presence over time can be a daunting and costly endeavor, if not done appropriately. It is one thing to have a good service or product to offer. It is however another matter to be able to be found by your potential customers. So business directory listings are an additional service which can be worth thousands of dollars in value.
  • 800 and Toll- Free Numbers – 800 numbers are still available even at this time. So are numbers from the other toll free exchanges including 888, 877, 866, 855, and the newly established 844. There are also vanity numbers on offer.
  • Audio and Video Conferencing – Conference calling services are a powerful utility which allow your company to circumvent the cost of travel and logistics. You save time and money by not incurring travel and mailing expenses in many instances.

View our breakdown of the Business Phone Plan Cost of each of the above providers’ bundles.

Advantages of a Voice over Internet Phone Service

For both small and larger sized companies, the potential advantages of hosted virtual telephony are numerous:

1) Enhanced office functions: Online meetings, conference calling, video interactions, instant messaging, can all be seamlessly integrated.

2) An effectively unlimited number of business phone lines over the Internet: New exchanges can always be added to a main number as required.

3) Low Cost: Traditional equipment associated with an office based system: wires, switchboards and other hardware are all eliminated. With Cloud hosted PBX, phones for the system come pre-configured.

4) Integration of all devices: Land line phones, cell phones, PC’s and tablets can all be integrated, creating great versatility, convenience and mobility.

5) Remotely managed features: such as custom greetings, on-hold music and line navigation instructions give a professional appearance to the company.

How is Virtual PBX Different from VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) routes and manages telephony via your internet connection. A Virtual Hosted PBX Phone System uses the services of a third party provider instead of your personal internet connection. The service of a dedicated, professional third party service makes it more reliable.

Are you a small business? See our selections for Internet Business Phone Services for Small Business bundles. Get detailed information and reviews and awards information from industry authorities.

Best Internet Small Business Phone Systems to Buy

1. AT&T SynJ SB67158 DECT 6.0 Voice over Internet Phone for Small Business 4-Line Corded/Cordless Small Business Phone System with Answering System

AT&T Small Business Cordless Phone System

Price: $237.55 & FREE Shipping

Auto attendants: You can customize call handling during business hours and after. Are you running more than one business? There are four auto attendants, allowing you to set up separate greetings for each one.

Cordless range: Stay plugged in even when you’re away from your station. Connect up to six repeaters to extend cordless mobility range up to 1/2 mile.

Voicemail boxes: Enhance your customer service with a group mailbox and voicemail on every extension. Your employees can customize their messages to correspond with their daily schedules, ensuring callers are handled effectively.

Multi handset mobility: Comes with multiple handset and/or cordless deskset mobility. Includes built-in Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 6.0. You can transmit your voice across multiple channels. Provides superior voice and sound quality, high protection against wiretapping and offers better range than 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz phone systems, while not interfering with wireless routers.

Intuitive Features: Comes with features that are easy to use, including large backlit displays, context-sensitive help, a user-friendly, simple navigation pad for navigating menus and easy-to-read buttons and function keys.

Push-to-talk: Contact a coworker or broadcast a message to your whole team quickly. SynJ’s push-to-talk intercom feature connects you with the other handsets or the base instantly. Similar to using a walkie-talkie.

2. Voice over Internet Phone System by Grandstream: Starter Pack with Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Cell & Remote Phone Extensions, Call Recording & Free Mission Machines. Includes Telephone Service for 1 Full Year (This is a 4 Phone Bundle)

VoIP Phone System for Small Business

Price: $638.88 & FREE Shipping

This system works with any combination of digital lines provided by others (Comcast, Spectrum, FiOS, Time Warner, and others). Offer includes the system’s 4 CO voice server, 4 Grandstream phones (Model GXP1628), and 1 year free Dialtone for 2 lines. Value of $48.45 per month! 

  • NEVER LOSE A CALL. Complete mobility features allow automatic call forwarding of your office calls to your cellular phone. This is just one way to enjoy this robust system that is loaded with features such as voice mail to email, call waiting, caller ID and much more.
  • CHOOSE PHONE COMPANY LINES and/or VoIP phone Lines. This system supports connections of up to 4 standard telephone lines (provided by third party companies such as Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Altice, Time Warner, Frontier, AT&T, CenturyLink, Cable One, etc.) and the use of 12 SIP VoIP lines.
  • FREE DIALTONE OFFER includes 1 year free Dialtone service for 2 lines. This is a free Offer Value of $48.45 monthly or $581 savings for the full year! Note: Requires a fast internet connection (broadband – provided by customer) of the server to the internet.
  • FULLY LOADED SYSTEM – No additional fees apply. The system supports various types of SIP extensions (desksets) – not limited to a single manufacturer. Do you need a cordless extension to integrate with this system? No problem! System will support cordless extensions by Grandstream, Panasonic and more.