VoIP Phone System Affordable!

Wireless business telephony has numerous advantages over the older legacy forms of setup with hard wired stations and physical phones. A central question is often asked however: Is a VoIP phone system affordable? The answer is unequivocally “Yes!”. In actuality, an internet business phone system will on average cost far less than a service involving physical phones and hardware.

We are featuring here, three of the cheapest phone service providers. Our choices were not only based on price ranges, since there are several bargain priced service packages on offer nationwide, but as well on ease of set-up, range of features, technical quality, customer support and generally available reviews. Additionally, free trials are available for two of the three companies

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Low Cost VoIP Business Phone Systems

  • RingCentral – The foremost company, in terms of market share, in the world (when taking into consideration both revenue and subscribers) for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The company is located in Belmont, California. RingCentral offers a vast, highly customizable suite of features. Both smaller and larger sized companies will find a package suited to their needs. pricing begins with its Essentials package at $19.95 per month per user. It allows up to 20 users, which is a conveniently high number for many small business clients. At the other end, the company’s Ultimate Plan allows up to 999 users!
  • Phone.com – Founded in 2007, it is based in Newark, New Jersey. The company’s focus has been towards small business clients. It offers great convenience and is one of the most versatile self-service cloud communications platforms for SME’s. Phone.com makes a point to emphasize it’s low prices. On it’s website, the home page tags the company as: “The #1 Affordable Business VoIP Phone Service”. In terms of affordability, service packages staret at an a bargain base price of $12.99 per month. It is actually possible to obtain an even lower average monthly price by pre-paying for a full year’s service at the start. This lowers your resultant monthly price to $9.99.
  • Grasshopper – Now almost 20 years old (incorporated in 2003), out of Needham, Massachusetts, Grasshopper is geared towards very small companies, even including companies made up of a single individual. The idea is to turn your cell phone and those of your co-workers into facsimiles of business phones. This is all done through software. Grasshopper’s price is the highest of the three. Pricing starts at $26 for 1 number. This includes 3 extensions. Note that the packages are billed annually.

To make a VoIP phone system affordable, the cost of expensive hardware must be eliminated. RingCentral, Phone.com and Grasshopper all use software and cloud based tech to eliminate the need for physical phones and the associated maintenance teams, set-up costs, upkeep and repair costs, etc. The collection of services offered by each company is extensive, but there is great deal of commonality. Below are the basic suite of virtual features available from all three companies:

  • 800 and Toll- Free Numbers: A suitable toll-free number, particularly if it is a vanity number, gives your business instant credibility and offers your customers easy access to your company. Choose from 800, 877, 888, 866, 855 prefixes.
  • Regional & Local Phone Numbers: You can give the impression of a local presence by selecting from numerous available area codes. The feature lets you direct customer calls to a single number, allocate additional numbers to call queues and users, and take advantage of the wealth of advanced features that an internet based business phone system has to offer.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Allows for an automated answering service to welcome callers with a customized company greeting. With this feature, you can provide employee and department extensions to allow your callers to then select an appropriate extension.
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: All three companies offer video conference calling as well as standard audio conferencing by phone. This means that you can have several hundred people be part of any virtual meeting. Geographical location is a non-issue as conferencing can be done from anywhere in the world. Enhance your team efficiency using one-click screen sharing through any suitable device: tablet, cell phone, desktop, laptop, applications, websites, files, and more.
  • Business Phone Answering & Voice Messaging: Voicemail-to-email sends voicemail messages by email so you are able to receive, view or listen to them even while you are at a remote location or on-the-go.
  • Business Directory Listings: This is an overlooked feature, but quite important. You can increase your company‚Äôs visibility through publication of your contact information in national and local business directories.

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